Vtech Crinkle & Roar Lion

Meta: The answer must be 100% yes. No matter which genders your baby is, boy or girl, he or she soon finds this Vtech Crinkles & Roar Lion best friend.


Recently, Vtech has launched a hit of baby toys collection, the Vtech Crinkle & Roar Lion. Now, let’s find out what makes the Vtech Lion special for many parents and children. The review below promises to satisfy your curiosity.

The Specifications

The toy Lion is such a fantastic item in animal toy collection for any children. This adorable toy is 10.8 inches long and 7.4 ounces only. The size is perfect for babies to cuddle.

Vtech is well-known for multifunctional toys, so, this Lion gives children letters song, numbers lesson and more than 50 songs. More than that, children will excite about different textures happening on the toy’s clothes. More colors to see and more surfaces to sense.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Meta: Are you a big fan of the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos introduced in 1978? Do not miss the new edition of this amazing game!


If you wanna win the game you’ve gotta take good aim
And get the most marbles with your hippo
Playin’ Hungry Hungry Hippos
Hungry Hungry Hippos

The catchy song in the 1980s-era television advertisement for the old edition of Hungry Hungry Hippos is surely a part of many people’s childhood memories. The children of those years would have all become parents now and have had children of their own.

The new version of Hungry Hungry Hippos released in 2009 would be certainly an ideal gift for your children if you want them to enjoy all the fun that you enjoyed when you was young.

Deluxe Pounding Bench

Meta: You always think that finding out a perfect wooden toy for your children is very difficult. Do not worry! Deluxe Pounding Bench will wash your worry away.


Finding toys which are safe for children is always a matter of concern for most of the parents in the world. With the aim of helping these parents to stop worrying about this problem, Melissa & Doug put Deluxe Pounding Bench – a wonderful wooden toy on the market.

The Specifications 

Since it was released, Deluxe Pounding Bench has received hundreds of very positive feedback from the users. Although there are a lot of the customers who are difficult to please, they still love this product. In detail, it is reviewed 4.4 out of 5 stars, and there are 1,918 customer reviews.

This innovative product helps children to encourage their discovery. Through playing this game, children will become more and more intelligent. Besides, this innovative product enables children to learn many useful skills.

Monkey Noodles

Meta: You have no idea how to buy a new fidget toy or sensory toy, our Monkey Noodles will wash your worry away.


Children’s sensory and tactile are matters of concern for many parents. With the aim of helping children to learn while playing, Monkey Noodles – a wonderful educational toy is created on the market.

Yeonhatoys Pull Back Vehicle

Meta: Are you getting stuck with baby boy gift idea? Or you do not know what to buy for your little son? Keep reading about Yeonhatoys Pull Back Vehicles, and you’ll get surprised?


For a long time, boys never get rid of thinking about sets of vehicles, and Yeonhatoys Pull Back Vehicles helps them to make that come true in the most beautiful way.  If you are still in wondering, feel free to read the full reviews about the lovely set of vehicles below

The Specifications

Since the publish time, the Yeonhatoys Pull Back Vehicles set has impressed children and parents by the diversity and design.

The set includes 12 car toys and truck toys which are made with the size of 2.5 inches. The little specification seems perfect for little hands of children at the age of three.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Meta: Vtech has introduced another best buy for parents, VTech Smart Shots Sports Center. This 2-in-1 basketball hoop will never disappoint any boys who love sports and cheering when score.


Once searching for boy toy gifts, we’ve bumped into one of Vtech sports toys. And like any other of Vtech products, this Smart Shots Sports Center surprise any parents and children from the top to toes.

The Sports Centre is a combination of football goal and basketball hoop. Then, yes, your children are welcomed to both activities at the same time. Thus, we couldn’t say more than compliments on the beautiful technology toys which any children should have in the house. Let’s see more details in below.

The Specifications

Running by 3 AA batteries, the hoop can operate for a long and lasting time in multitasking: lessons with sounds and phrases in addition to more than 50 songs available.

Little Tikes Shopping Cart

Have you got problems with newly walking children? Find help with the little tikes shopping cart, a huge hit to any children.


At the moment, the Little Tikes Shopping Carts appear the most favorite purchase for little kids. They are said sturdy and adorable for children who are learning to walk. Among thousands of ideas about the cart, follow the shortened review as below

Little Tikes Shopping Carts - The Specifications

The little shopping cart is designed as a grownup cart with the wheels and fold-up space and legs holes nearby the handle. With about only 2 feet high, the vehicle is perfect for kids at above three years old. It raises a crisis for aunties in shopping gifts for children since the products include features of stability and convenience. The handle and the stand are sturdy enough for children to lean on and to push without slipping. Besides, they provide a space to contain dolls or other toys. Children would love to create their own grocery’s toy.

Toy Description

The toy shopping cart appears as a mini version of a real cart which moms ride in the supermarket. The bottom in bright and eye-catchy yellow is made strong and stable with the wide end and four movable wheels. Along with the main part, a red basket turns out wide enough to store other little toy foods. Children can put a teddy bear on and play shopping game.

Mathlink Cubes: Instill A Love Of Math In Your Children

Meta: Have no idea how to teach numbers to your children? Mathlink Cubes will wash your worry away.


Children’s deep fear of math is a matter of concern for many parents. With the aim of helping parents to stop tossing and turning in bed all night, Learning Resources put Mathlink Cubes – a wonderful educational toy on the market.

The Specifications 

Since it was released, Mathlink Cubes has received a lot of very positive feedback from the customers, even the ones who are really difficult to please.

This innovative product enables children to carry out multiple tasks related to early math skills: numbering, counting and calculating.

Let’s explore thoroughly its details!

Toy Description

Mathlink Cubes is a set of the toy including 100 linkable cubes. These sturdy cubes can be easily stacked together to form larger blocks and twisted apart.

Children’s attention is often drawn by a mass of colors; therefore, the cubes in Mathlink Cubes playset come in a great range of colors (10 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, pink, black, and white) to catch children’s eyes and evoke their interest in studying math.

The cubes are perfectly designed for holding by small-handed children. Each of them is only 0.75 inches in height and measures only 2cm3. Although the cubes are square, their corners are not too sharp; therefore, they will not do harm to children.

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection

Meta: Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection is a convenient set. With this product, everyone can be a talented artist!


Nowadays, finding a set of crayon for your kids is easy. But have you ever wonder which one is the perfect design for your beloved baby? Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection is this one.

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection - The Specifications

Well, in the name of the product, we can have the information that it is the ultimate version of Crayola crayon. To have more detail about the collection, you need to keep reading to the end of this article.

Toy Description

This product is the upgrade version of the other Crayola crayon boxes. The manufacturer is proud of their best version.

This product is the multi-tiered and four-sided case. That helps the users to pick and organize the pen in an easy way. There are 152 crayons in different colors for you to choose from. Moreover, the set also provides Glitter and Metallic crayon for users.
This product is a perfect gift for kids
The Ultimate case has not only 152 crayons but also a sharpener and portable caddy. With the product on hand, every picture can be really lively and colorful. That is a big deal for shoppers to choose it as a special gift on holiday.

Soft Plastic Kids Play Balls

Meta: Ping pong, ping pong! The Soft Plastic Kids Play Balls provide you with a colorful set of softballs. Your kids are going to love this toy.


The Soft Plastic Kids Play Balls is a wonderful ball set for your baby. The kid can be creative to get so much fun with those colorful softballs. The product is suitable for wide range of age from one-year-old baby to upper ages.

Soft Plastic Kids Play Balls - The Specifications

In this content, we will show you some facts from the manufacturer so that you can find some useful information. That contains toy description, how to play and care method.

Toy Description

The manufacturer claims that all of their products are a harmless toy for kids. Parents can feel free to let the baby have fun with the ball.

The BPA-free and Phthalate-free ball keeps children safe from dangerous chemical factors. In other words, the ball is a high-quality toy among those cheap, harmful toys found on the market.

Moreover, the ball is crush proof. That means it can pop back after being squeezed with a strong force. The reason for this crushproof is that there is no hole in the ball. Plus, the plastic material is another factor contributing to the popping back.

Crayola Ultra-Washable Board Line Markers

Meta: The Crayola Ultra-Washable Board Line Markers with the bright and pigmented color for the best painting ever!


Actually, our kids love painting with colorful pens, right? The matter of this is that parents do not want the color to appears in everywhere in the house. The Crayola Ultra-Washable Board Line Markers is a perfect solution for this issue.

The special formula of the pens is washable and also gives the paint the brightest and truest color. Hence, parents feel free to let their children have a lot of fun painting their own masterpieces.

The Specifications

First of all, we are going to discover the specification of this product. This useful information will help you to know more about the product.

Toy Description

This Crayola Marker is a highly proper toy for every kid who loves painting. The manufacturer claims that those markers are the brightest and the most pigmented color to the picture.

Painted Wooden Pieces

Meta: One of the hits in food toys by Melissa & Doug definitely surprises you with its realistic look and a fantastic use for kids. Keep tracking down on 21 Hand-Painted Wooden pieces Melissa & Doug Food Groups in below review.


Melissa & Doug has no strange look to any Mom thanks for its creation of the best toy foods. One of the strengths that make Melissa & Doug come so far in the toy industry is the real appearance of any food toy set. 21 Hand-Painted Wooden Pieces Melissa& Doug Food group is not out of it. However, there are more to say about these toys.

The Specifications

The group is purely a set of food toys that surprise you from the look. They include 21 pieces of foods that people eat every day or children can easily refer from the kitchen.

Children can learn to sort and to group the food in meals or types of foods using available four lovely crates. For example, children can learn how to prepare a breakfast or dinner or simpler. They can practice grouping veggie, proteins, dairy products… together at the beginning.

Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin' Pals

Are you looking for a tool which can provide lessons on motor skills and language in a passive way? Thus the Playskool is the brand you should look at. And do not miss the Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin' Pals.

The Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin' Pals improved the design with 5 buttons. For any parents or children, the toy would never end up boring because of the diversity of colors, actions and languages it provides on the play. This toy can keep your children busy in a long time and help them improve language and motor skills in the early year.

The Specifications

This product includes five different actions to play: Twist, press, slide to the left, slide to the right, turn. Producers present the pop-ups with 5 animals in five colors, corresponding to the buttons. Children are required to maneuver differently to see the animals.

This cause-and-effect Popping Pal runs on batteries which can be replaced. Besides, they made it by hard plastics, quite the same as the old-time toys we have in the kindergarten school. I would like to say: a traditional and memorable design.

Hot Wheel 9-Car Gift Pack

Meta: The Hot Wheel 9-Car Gift Pack is a perfect pack for a holiday gift or a collection for kids. They will be surprised when receiving this special toy!


Our kids, especially young boys love playing with car toys, right? They tend to be attracted to various car toys as they see them in store.

As the holiday is coming, do you have any ideas for the gift for our beloved kids? If it is “not,” then the Hot Wheel 9-Car Gift Pack will be perfect for gifting.

The Specifications

The first thing we think you need to know is that the specification of the product. Hence, you can have an overview of the car set. As a result, you can set up your mind to select the product or not due to the pros and cons of it.
The car set contains nine colorful cars

Toy Description

The car set is a lovely collection for many car lovers in the world. This product comes from the Hot Wheels brand which has been famous for car toy since 1968. All of the products of the brand is attractive not only the kid but also the adult collector.

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